Hi, I am Augustine Ogiza .👋 A Product Designer, Fullstack developer, Design Engineer and a 🦄 based in Edo state, Nigeria.

So me

I am 20-something ish human who is focused on creating meaningful user experience that makes complex problems simple to the users, helping them achieve a goal through how it looks, works, feels and bridges the gap between business and users.

Available for work and/or new projects


Product design
Frontend development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Reactjs, Wordpress, Webflow, Tailwindcss
Backend and API development
Django, Django rest framework
Mobile development
React Native
3D & Motion Design
Blender, After Effects
Pitch deck & infographic design
Figma, Pitch, Google slides

My stack

React Native/Expo
React Native/Expo

Selected projects

Augustine Ogia portfolio
Dela Colina Charity
The project is focused on allowing users to focus on their day to day business while making a positive impact on the causes they care about.
Augustine Ogia portfolio
Grabbo Fertility Clinic & Diagnostic Centre
The project is focused on bridging the gap between patients and doctors, making it easier for patients to book appointments, get diagnosed and get treated. The project also focuses on helping the hospital promote it's image and digital footprints.
Augustine Ogia portfolio
NewComma Jobs and Applicant Tracking System
New Comma is a African startup aimed at simplifying the experience of African creatives and companies with connecting talents to companies and companies to talents. New Comma is focused on giving African creatives a platform where they can showcase their work, get hired, connect, collaborate with fellow African creatives and be social and host events seamlessly.
Augustine Ogia portfolio
Ruth Ikegah
An Open Source Program Manager, Community Manager, GitHub Star, and Technical Writer.
Augustine Ogia portfolio
TangleSwap is a decentralize exchange focused on the Shimmer EVM, IOTA, Cardano and Milkomeda ecosystem that offers the users freedom to trade decentralized assets such as Utility based NFTs, tokens, staking, farming, creating onchain auctions, bridging assets
Augustine Ogia portfolio
Perxels User Assessment Portal
Perxels is a design school that provides training and mentorship to UIUX designers to grow and thrive in the industry. The User Assessment Portal is a product that helps the design school assess the students and then assign them to their respective classes based on their skillset and assessment performance.

My Passion/Likes

Peaky Blinders




Reece James


Kai Havertz

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Shingeki no kyojin: Attack on Titan


Get in touch
If you're intrigued by my work and the possibilities of a collaborative partnership, I'm just a message away. I'm here to help you transform your vision/ideas into a reality that speaks to and helps your users.
Available for work and/or new projects
Available for work and/or new projects